February 24, 2015

Ham Salad

This Ham Salad recipe combines leftover ham with celery, onions, relish, mayo, and horseradish mustard to make the perfect hearty sandwich filling.

This Ham Salad recipe combines leftover ham with celery, onions, relish, mayo, and horseradish mustard to make the perfect hearty sandwich filling.

Do you like ham?  I mean like a ham on the bone.  You know, one of those big old hunks of ham that could feed an army?  I love me some juicy, salty, smokey, rustic sliced ham.

Our preferred method of cooking when it comes to ham is on the grill.  So darn good and so easy to prepare!  You can get a ham relatively cheap and then simply throw it on the grill in a roasting pan filled with an inch or so of water.  It smells so delish while it's slow-cookin' and the results are mouthwatering.

There's only one problem when we cook a ham, though.  There's always soooooo much left over.  That's where this recipe comes in.  You can transform your leftover ham into ham salad!  Similar to tuna salad or chicken salad, ham salad can be used as a sandwich filling, a spread, or even on a garden salad.

So good, so easy, and the best way to dress up your boring ham leftovers!

February 23, 2015

Easy White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Broccoli and Mushrooms

This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic.  Easy White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Broccoli and Mushrooms is a wholesome, delicious and simple mac and cheese dish made with Horizon Organic Pasta Shells & White Cheddar Cheese, caramelized broccoli and mushrooms, and a crispy cheesy panko crust.

If there's one thing I love, like really, really, really love, it's macaroni and cheese.  I have said forever that one of my very favorite meals is my Momma's Baked Macaroni & Cheese made with sharp white cheddar and stewed tomatoes.  I would request it every year for my birthday dinner when I was a kid and I swear I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.  Gah, it's so darn good.

I completely adore my Mom's recipe, but sometimes I like to make a creamy baked version like The Creamiest, Cheesiest Baked Mac and Cheese made with yellow cheddar and a crispy breadcrumb top, which is the way my husband likes it.  Got to keep my honey happy, right?

Both of those recipes take at least an hour to make from start to finish, which kind of rules them out for a simple weeknight dinner.  And isn't that the dreaded question most moms face every day in this country?  What’s for dinner?

February 20, 2015

Oven-Baked Blueberry Pancake

This Oven-Baked Blueberry Pancake made from scratch is full of fresh blueberries and has a dusting of sweet powdered sugar.

Oven-Baked Blueberry Pancake | thetwobiteclub.com

My little ones are pancake lovers.  What kid isn't, right?  How can anyone resist the warm melted butter, sweet sticky maple syrup and fluffy cakes?  I'm not even a sweet fan and I love a nice big stack of pancakes.

What I don't like, however, is missing out on eating pancake breakfasts with the fam because I'm stuck at the stove doing the flipping.  If I wait to sit down until they''re all done, some get cold or the natives get too restless waiting.  So, it's I miss breakfast, or keep the kiddos happy and serve theirs first.

February 16, 2015

Sliced Apple "Donuts"

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these fun and healthy Sliced Apple "Donuts," made with thin sliced apples, peanut butter for frosting, and a sprinkle of chocolate jimmies.

Sliced Apple "Donuts" are a fun and healthy play on yeast doughnuts, but instead of dough, they're made with sliced apples, peanut butter for frosting, and a sprinkle of chocolate jimmies.

My daughter is a Daisy Girl Scout, which totally warms my heart.   Mainly because I have so many wonderful Girl Scout memories from my childhood.  I'm so excited to be involved in helping teach her and her sister scouts all kinds of great things about friendship and character.  And I'm also excited to share yummy snacks with the little ladies in her troop!

The first snack my girl and I made to share with her troop were Homemade Chewy Granola Bars.  The girls loved them!  Super easy to make and perfect for a scout meeting.

February 12, 2015

Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn

This post is sponsored by Mazola®.  Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn is the perfect sweet and salty treat to share with the ones you love, using better for you ingredients!

Healthy Salted Dark Chocolate Popcorn | thetwobiteclub.com

I love popcorn.  It is such a great snack for the kids after school, movie night, or whenever the craving strikes me.  Years ago I made the microwave kind.  Super convenient in the portioned bags, but oh, the salt.  The sodium levels are through the roof!

Then our microwave went on the fritz, so microwave popcorn was not an option anymore.  We actually never did replace the microwave!  We seem to do just fine without it and we have more counter space to boot.  I started using an old air popper that I must have inherited from someone, because it was ancient.  It did us well for a long time, but eventually it kicked the bucket, too.

February 10, 2015

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

This Homemade Chocolate Pudding is an easy to make, better for you, homemade version of the classic rich, silky, chocolaty treat.

Homemade Chocolate Pudding made with Silk Cashewmilk!  Vegan and gluten-free! @lovemysilk #ad

Our family experienced a milestone this year.  Our sweet girl had her very first day of kindergarten.  Being her Momma, I was in charge of packing her very first school lunch.  First, I let her pick out a brand new lunchbox and water bottle.  Then, I made sure I had plenty of fresh fruit, her favorite sandwich stuff, and a sweet treat to make her smile.

That sweet treat was chocolate pudding.  We eat sweets in moderation in our house, so I knew she would be super excited to open her lunchbox and see that I had included it.  I think I was just as excited about her first day lunch as she was.

I have been trying to make more and more things homemade and I'm not sure why making homemade pudding wasn't on my radar for that first day of school treat.  It actually wasn't until I was asked if I'd like to try Silk Cashewmilk that it dawned on me that I could even make pudding without a box of mix.  I was brainstorming all of the ways I'd be able to incorporate Silk Cashewmilk into our meals when the pudding idea struck me.  I knew the creamy nut milk would be perfect for pudding!

February 6, 2015

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower is an easy to make side dish that is rich and creamy, made with garlic, butter, parmesan cheese, and cream cheese.

This is my husband's favorite cauliflower recipe, to date.  I personally love, love, love roasted veggies, and 9 times out of 10 that's how I will prepare them.  But, for some strange reason, he wasn't too keen on oven-roasted cauliflower.  Crazy, I know.

Alas, I aim to please, so I set out to find another way to prepare it.  I decided to try mashed and I'm happy to say it was a hit!  He loooooves garlic, so I knew a garlic mash was the way to go.  There's also a little bit o' butter for richness, a touch of cream cheese for creaminess, and some parmesan cheese...for deliciousness!

If you haven't tried cauliflower this way yet, I highly recommend it.  I know a lot of people call mashed cauliflower the "mock" mashed potato, but I can totes tell the difference.  I am a potato worshiper, so there really is no substitution for the real thing.  But, that doesn't make mashed cauliflower any less fabulous in all of it's cruciferous glory!

It's a light, healthy and absolutely delish side that would pair well with just about any protein.

February 4, 2015

Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas

These insanely good Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas are a healthy and crunchy snack perfectly flavored with spicy buffalo sauce.

These insanely good Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas are a healthy and crunchy snack flavored with spicy buffalo sauce.

I am a chip girl.  There is nothing that satisfies my craving for a crunchy, salty snack like a potato chip.  Not pretzels, not tortilla chips, not popcorn.  I will go for a bag of chips every time.  These chickpeas, though.  Goodness gracious, these spicy little beauties are giving my beloved potato chips a run for their money.

As I was munching on these yesterday afternoon, I actually thought to myself that they were just as good as chips.  That is a bold statement from me, my friends.  They were seriously that good.

They have that addictive zippy buffalo flavor and a little crunch.  I seriously couldn't stop eating them!  If you love buffalo sauce you will love these, too!
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