Where To Find The Coupons You Want

Coupons are EVERYWHERE.  You just need to know where to look for them, then make the effort to put them somewhere that you won't lose them so that you can actually use them.

Here's a list of the places where I find my coupons:

1. The Sunday newspaper.  In the newspaper, you'll find coupon inserts.  These are full of a wide variety of coupons for a wide variety of products.  I recommend buying 2 newspapers per week so that you'll have two of every coupon (or ask your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/brother/sister/neighbor for their inserts!).  I'll explain why that's important a little later.  You'll also find your local grocery store's weekly ad in the newspaper.  Give it a quick flip through to look for any coupons that might be included in it.

2. The internet.  There is a whole world of internet printable coupons out there.  You may need to install free coupon printing software to print them (you will be prompted how to do this, if need be).  These are my favorite sites to obtain internet printables:
  1. coupons.com
  2. redplum
  3. smartsource.com
  4. pillsbury.com

    3. Store-specific websites.  This is where you can print coupons to use at specific stores.  Some stores will accept competitor coupons.  Just look up your favorite store and search for a coupon section!

    4. Blinkies.  Blinkies are those little boxes attached to the grocery store shelves the spit out coupons.  You know, the ones that your 3-year-old likes to pull 50 coupons out of until it stops spitting them out.  Always keep your eyes peeled for coupon blinkies!

    5. On or in product packages.  You can often find coupons that you peel off the packages of products.  You should also look inside cardboard box packages once you're home and get them open them (cereal, granola bars, etc.).  Sometimes there are coupons that are printed right on the inside of the box.  If you don't know to look, you might never see them.

    6. Coupon Booklets that you get in-store.  Every time I go grocery shopping, I ask the customer service desk if they've gotten any new coupon booklets in.  These are sometimes handed out when you check out or may be located on a display at the front of the store, but often they are hidden behind the customer service desk and are handed out upon request.

    7. Home MailersMany stores mail out exclusive coupon booklets through snail mail.  Visit your store's website to sign up for their mailing list.  If you can't find a link on their site, stop by the customer service desk at your store and ask them how to be added to their list.  You can also join baby clubs, kid clubs, and pet clubs to get home mailed coupons.

    8. Magazines. Magazines have ads on practically every other page.  If you take the time to look at the ad before mindlessly flipping past it, you might find product coupons that can be cut out.  Now, I'm not saying to go out and buy all of these magazines, but if you already subscribe, or are thinking about subscribing, keep your eye out for coupons in them.  Some of my favorites are:
    1. Family Circle
    2. Everyday with Rachel Ray
    3. Woman's Day
    4. Good Housekeeping
    5. Parents
    6. Cooking Light
    7. Better Homes & Gardens

      9. Facebook.  Just about every brand imaginable has a facebook page.  "Like" your favorite brands and you'll be notified in your news feed of product promotions and coupon giveaways.  You'll have to act fast when you see that there is a promotion going on because there are usually a limited number of coupons available.  It's worth it to act on them though because they are usually high value/free offers.   Also, find a savings facebook page and follow it.  They'll post all the hot deals and brands that are hosting promotions so you don't have to do any of the leg work.  My favorites are:
      1. Hip2Save
      2. Passion For Savings
      3. Sea of Savings

        10. Email.  Sign up to be on the email lists of your favorite brands (through their websites) and you'll receive exclusive printable coupon offers.  Also, consider shooting an email (or snail mail) to your favorite brands to tell them how much you love their products and in turn, you may receive a coupon as thanks.

          Now that you know where to find the coupons, let me teach you how to use the coupons. 


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