Summer Harvest 2013


  1. Oh what a beautiful harvest and such a creative way to show it. We are still picking tomatoes here in Missouri.

    1. Thank you, Karen Hug-Nagy! My larger tomatoes are done, but we're still getting some cherry tomatoes. Don't you just love growing them? Fresh garden picked tomatoes taste so good!

  2. Container Vegetable Gardening is a great way to grow your own vegetables if you don't have the garden space for it. Vegetable container gardening is also a useful introduction to gardening for beginners. You can grow just about any vegetable in containers, not only giving you pleasure in growing your own, but saving you money as well.

  3. I'm starting vegies in containers this year....and herbs as well. I have the room in our backyard but am not ready for what Becky has yet. Tomatoes, bell peppers,etc...simple but being a novice gardener I think this way is best for me right now. I am also trying to start some from seed inside or on the porch when the weather permits..but if that fails, I'll be buying young plants to start. Thanks for the posts all !

  4. Nothing tastes superior to anything garden-developed tomatoes or crisp cut basil. An opportunity to plant summer vegetable plants is in April to guarantee a plentiful reap by July and August.