What Are You Hungry For?

Learn how you can become a part of Team No Kid Hungry and join the movement that is committed to ensuring every kid in America has access to healthy food so that they can focus on what they are really hungry for, living a full and happy life!

As we make our way through life, we will all eventually come across the opportunity to participate in a project that can make a difference, to be a part of something really good.  When life presents you with the chance to join a group of like-minded people with a common goal that, together, are making a real difference in people's lives, you get this gut feeling, this pull in the center of your being that says, "You should do this. You too can help."

That intuitive feeling came for me a few years back when I decided to take the pledge to support a cause that I am now passionate about.  When I received an invitation to become a No Kid Hungry Blogger, I immediately knew that it was right for me.  Rallying behind this cause allowed me to be a part of a movement that is doing real good and helping real people, but more importantly, real kids.  As a mom and a lover of all things food, this cause spoke to my soul.

What is a No Kid Hungry Blogger?  What exactly does that mean?

It means that I am committed to partnering with No Kid Hungry to end childhood hunger in America, to help spread the word about the 13 million kids in the United States that struggle with hunger every day.

It means that I have a voice, and I have an audience (that's you, dear friends <3), and I can use my voice to not only talk about the usual foodie stuff, like what I'm craving and what recipe I'll be making this week, but the really important foodie stuff too, like how we can all help connect kids with healthy food where they live, where, they learn, and where they play.

You can read more about my path to becoming a No Kid Hungry Blogger and my involvement as a member of Team No Kid Hungry here.

Today, I'm excited to fill you in on an amazing campaign brought to you by Generation No Kid Hungry that is called... 

What Are You Hungry For?

Generation No Kid Hungry brings together young people from across the country to pursue the No Kid Hungry mission; making sure kids never have to worry about having enough to eat.

The important message of this specific campaign is that kids today may struggle with hunger, but it does not define them.  They are hungry for nourishment, but they are also hungry for so much more.  We can work together so that kids can focus on what they are really hungry for, living the lives they imagine!

The What Are You Hungry For? campaign tells the stories of just a few kids who have faced childhood hunger, but who have also refused to let it be the focus of their life story.

As a food blogger and lover of gardening, Marvin's story really spoke to me.  Take a minute to watch his story below and prepare to be inspired!

You can see more powerful and empowering stories from inspiring kids like Marvin here.  These kids should be praised for the courage, determination, and positive attitudes!

Want to help spread the word?  No Kid Hungry and I would love you to get involved!  

Enter the What Are You Hungry For? contest!
Are you a kid (or do you know an awesome kid) who is at least 13 years old?  Do you have a passion that makes you unique?  Now is your chance to tell the story of what you're #hungryfor!

Post a video (one minute max) or a pic to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #hungryfor showing us what you do, or use the entry form and you could win $100 to fuel what you are #hungryfor! Winners will be chosen every week until April 28th.  See full rules here.

Are you a blogger who would like to get involved in supporting No Kid Hungry?
Check out the blogger program here.  You will love being a part of this passionate team!

Want to show your support on a local level? 
Find out which organizations are committed to fighting hunger in your neighborhood here.

Would you like to make a donation?
Every dollar donated to No Kid Hungry can help feed a child 10 meals.  Learn more about donating, fundraising, or honoring someone here.

I'm super proud to be a part of Team No Kid Hungry and I look forward to continuing to share the great work they do for kids across the country!  You can also keep up with all things No Kid Hungry by following on Facebook and Twitter and Generation No Kid Hungry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Stay connected!

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