ABC Family's Young and Hungry Blogger Challenge

I am so incredibly stoked to tell you my awesome news!  My little ol' blog has been invited to participate in a special blogger challenge hosted by ABC Family in honor of the premiere of their new series Young & Hungry starring Emily Osment!

Let's just let that simmer for a minute.

Because the awesomeness of this is almost too much for me to take.  Friends, ABC Family sent me an invitation email.  How cool is that?

My jaw about hit the floor when I read it.  Not only because it sounded like super fun, but (hello!) a national television network sent me an exclusive email that was only sent to a handful of selected bloggers chosen to help promote what looks like a super fun new series.

What does this new series have to do with me, the food blogger?  Young & Hungry is loosely based on the life of real life food blogger Gabi Moskowitz of the blog BrokeAss Gourmet.  So you see, a Food Blogger Challenge makes perfect sense!

I will be participating in six challenges competing with the other bloggers and I will need YOUR votes to help me win the chance to have my blog, The Two Bite Club, mentioned on an episode of the show!  Again, how cool is that?

I've received a beautiful picnic basket filled with items related to each secret challenge.  The mystery and anticipation of it all has my head spinning!  Here...take a look:

There's notepads, skewers, cupcake liners, a grater, a picture frame, an apron just like Gabi wears in the show, and a note telling me the last challenge is a surprise and I will be getting something else mailed to me!  All of it was tucked inside a gorgeous insulated picnic basket.  Exciting!

If you'd like to help me win, I would LOVE your support!  Head over to the Young & Hungry Facebook Page to see the challenges as they're announced!  Everything is set to get rolling TODAY and the first challenge was just went live.  I'm off to get this thing started!  Woo-hoo!

Voting Links:

CHALLENGE 1:  Best Cooking Advice 
(This is a direct link to my entry!  My submission reads: "Make cooking a family affair.  Family time in the kitchen makes the meal a memory, not just a recipe.")

CHALLENGE 2:  Father's Day Challenge
(Scroll down and look for my name, Becky Tarala.)